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“Bye-bye cleavage crisis. Tweakerz will uplift your confidence–and your breasts!”, says Tweakerz Founder Mandy Krammel

Tweakerz was created and patented by Mandy Krammel, a former aesthetician and make-up artist, I always recognized the importance of body image. Throughout my career, I was privy to countless conversations and women’s “gab” sessions on beauty, babies and body image. Over the years, I realized that most women shared a surprising, yet common, frustration: their breasts. Whether it was size, shape, lack of cleavage, unexpected sagging, bra style frustrations, or the like, I continually heard the same complaints. But it wasn’t until I experienced this “bra-drama” for myself that I truly understood how my clients felt. I made it my mission to create a comfortable and customizable Bra strap accessory that would solve the”bra drama” for all women regardless of shape or size.

I know that no two women’s breasts are alike and I wondered how it was that we could be expected to all fit perfectly into general bra sizes. I knew that women needed something that could be customized to their specific needs, so my goal was to provide one stylish accessory to use with your entire bra wardrobe. And so, in 2006, I began the design and creation of Tweakerz.

Today Tweakerz is carried in upscale boutiques around the country and online catalogs such as Tweakerz is available in 2 sizes the Mini Mademoiselle and Classic Beauty and offers 3 colors, Clear, Nude & Black. Each package includes 2 flexible center straps (1 short & 1 long) to accommodate a tighter or looser fit.

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Hypoallergenic FDA approved material
  • Durable snap closure
  • Easy to use hooks
  • Flexible center straps